NA World Services – COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Statement

We have had many inquiries and questions about health concerns regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19). While it is not our role to make statements regarding health issues, we encourage NA groups to discuss the situations you are facing and the options you have to provide safe environments for those who attend your meetings. Groups may want to consider asking members to temporarily stop some of the common practices found at NA meetings such as hugging or shaking hands, or offering refreshments. You may also want to consider alternatives to “circling up” at the end of the meeting.

Some groups are discussing contingencies for the possibility that they will not be able to meet face to face for some period; ideas include hosting phone meetings or online meetings. These are just a few thoughts; we honor each NA group’s responsibility to discuss and determine what is best for their meeting.

You may want to contact your national or local public health agencies for specific guidance regarding meetings and gatherings. We are aware of the guidelines and recommendations provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and there are similar agencies in countries outside of the USA. The World Health Organization (WHO) may also be a resource

If you are seeking information about specific local NA events or meetings, please contact the service committee responsible for hosting that event or meeting, or visit their local NA website. We have heard that some events and meetings have been affected by mandated closures, but we do not maintain a list of those and we are not the best resource for current information for local events and meetings. On our Find a Meeting webpage, local websites are listed in the window on the top left side of the page:

We are hopeful that NA members and groups can continue to provide support for one another as we move through this current situation, and we will update this information as necessary in the coming weeks. You have our best wishes. 

Don’t forget to fill out your CAR survey before the 1 April deadline:

Disclaimer to map links: – In keeping with the traditions of Narcotics Anonymous, we neither endorse nor oppose any of the companies, services or causes that may be reached through the offsite map links


October 2020 Meeting Directory

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The Cash App and Venmo accounts are active. Region was able to get into the bank and set both apps up. The links are as follows:

Cash App
$RegionalServiceof NA


QR codes are setup for both on the Home of Todayna,org, If a person donating has the app of the QR code they are scanning then it should take them directly to where that person can donate, if a person clicks on the Cash app QR code on the home page from a computer, it will bring up the Cash App page and tell you where you can go to get the app if you don’t already have the app, if you click on the QR code from from your phone and you do have the app it will bring you to the pay screen, if you do not have the app (for Android phones) you can select the Internet as a option and click on Get APP and it should take you the app store depending on your phone (i.e. Android or Apple).  

If a person clicks the QR code on from a computer it will direct you to the Venmo home page, if you have Venmo click the Sign in on the upper right hand corner of the page, if you do not Have Venmo, then click Sign up, also in the top right hand corner of the page, if a person clicks the QR code from a phone and has Venmo it may take you to activity page, so scanning the code may be best or going to your Venmo and putting in the @Regional-Treasury to donate (you may have to add as friend before you can donate). If a person does not have Venmo and clicks the QR code on the home page of it may ask you to download, then sign up.


IEWANA Closed Meeting Sign

IEW Area Committee Virtual Zoom Meetings

Click HERE and enter the Zoom ID and Password for each meeting below

3rd Sunday @ 2pm
ID: 642 435 561
Password: iewna

Labor Day Marathon
3rd Saturday @ 12pm
ID: 933 112 128
Password: iewna

4th Sunday @ 10am
ID: 615 264 935
Password: iewna

4th Sunday @ 10:30am
ID: 809 170 7655
Password: 577253

ASC – Hybrid Meeting (Contact Nancy F @ 909-257-1413 for Meeting Location Details)
4th Sunday @ 12pm
ID: 243 059 737
Password: iewna

If your meeting is looking for help on how to set up a Zoom Virtual Meeting, please contact Mike T @ 818-922-4560